tambient® Lighting Solutions

Lighting Quotient knows lighting. Innovative knows ergonomics. Together, we’ve made flexible, lighting solutions for active workspaces. tambient® lighting solutions offer a cost-saving alternative to traditional overhead and supplemental lighting systems all while improving employee well being by giving each user control of their workspace.


Lighting that ensures occupant alignment, where focused tasks and collaboration can coexist.


Lighting that anticipates an active workplace and promotes enterprise productivity.


Lighting that is controlled by building management and users alike.


Lighting for the “New New” open paradigm that embraces individual well-being and enhances vital connections between people, place and collective purpose.

How it Works

Uplight and downlight in every luminaire.

Uplights connect to room controls and provide glare-free, indirect ambient light for collaboration and general office tasks.

Individually controlled downlights provide personalized lighting for focused work.

Pushbutton on each luminaire for personal task light control.

Additional pushbutton is optional for personal control of uplight in private offices.

Sensors, room switches, and dimmers install without wires and operate without batteries.


Dual dynamic 7000 monitor arms in silver with a task / ambient light.

Dynamic Monitor Support with tambient®

Dynamic monitor height adjust

Supports two monitors, optional configuration for monitor and laptop

Square mast design

Optional USB hub integration in mount base

Dual static monitor arms in silver with a task / ambient light.

Static Monitor Support with tambient®

Static monitor height, dynamic height adjust arms optional

Modular solution is expandable from one to three monitors

Round mast design

Optional USB hub integration in mount base

Frequently Asked Questions

 Egress lighting in a commercial buildings is used as a safety precaution so that people will be able to find their way out of a building. Because tambient is portable, it cannot be used for this purpose. 

 Yes, we can provide a layout of a client’s space that would report what light levels will be achieved for both the task and ambient portions of the space. Just contact our applications group, we would be glad to help! 

 While not a standard product, we would consider opportunities such is this on a case by case basis. 

 Yes, tambient fixtures can be provided in a custom finish. There is a custom finish set up charge. 

While tambient fixtures are located at the furniture, the ambient or “up light” portion of the fixture can be controlled just like lighting systems located at the ceiling. Examples include automatic on or “Occupancy Sensing”, Manual on and automatic off or “Vacancy Sensing”, daylight response and time clock control to name a few. These controls can be wired or wireless, we can even speak to existing control system. Let us know your control requirements and we can provide with the best options to make it happen! 

Yes, we have attachments for numerous furniture systems. If by chance you are using a system that we have not worked with in the past, we will create a design attachment option for you. 

Cost comparisons between tambient and traditional lighting systems should be reviewed based on the specific requirements of your project and the client. The systems offers numerous cost benefits such as reductions in installation times, reductions in building infrastructure, simplified walkup servicing, energy reductions, and accelerate tax deprecation to name a few. Not to mention quality glare free indirect ambient lighting and personal task lighting for all! 

In our experience, Division 12 “Furnishing” is the preferred specification section for all parts of the tambient system that touch the furniture. For items that touch the building, like ceiling sensors and wall switches, Division 16 “Electrical” is preferred. 

In most jurisdictions, the furniture dealer will install the tambient fixtures and any associated controls that are attached to the furniture. Where our wireless controls are used, we recommend that controls such as wireless ceiling mounted sensors, wireless wall switches and hardwired transmitters be installed by the electrical contractor. Basically, if it touches the furniture, the furniture dealer installs it. If it touches the building, the electrical contractor installs it. 

Yes! All of our single sided fixtures are perfect for height adjustable work surfaces! 

Yes, we love high ceilings! Ask us for high ceiling case studies, you will be glad you did! 

The ability of the ceiling to reflect light is important any time you are lighting a space using indirect lighting. For that reason, light matte finishes are the best for indirect lighting. 

The tambient LED fixture head and power supply have an industry standard 5-year warranty backed by a company with 40 years of manufacturing experience. 

Monitor arm assemblies have a 10-year warranty. 

tambient® Lighting Solutions

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