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Innovative offers an extensive selection of reliable monitor mounting solutions for all sectors of the financial industry, built to withstand these fast-paced environments.

Demanding financial markets like trading floors, banks, and hedge funds turn to Innovative for specialized monitor mounting solutions. Innovative is the only company in the industry that is able to offer durable and reliable trading desk setups with multi-monitor mounts that can accommodate anywhere from two to 16 or more monitors to ensure maximum visibility of all information as it is needed. We also serve growing sectors of the financial industry, including banking retail. Point-of-sale systems for tellers are widely becoming popular among financial clients who need a secure solution that can also offer easy access to serve customers quickly and efficiently. Innovative has a strong legacy with financial markets, working with recognized customers like Citibank, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse.

Working with Innovative

An experienced design and engineering team work directly with our sales representatives to ensure customers receive a product configuration created around a specialized application.

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Maximize desk space without sacrificing the number of monitors. Unique configurations and in-house sales and engineering teams work to design mounts to specifications, even when desk space is limited.

USA Design & Assembly

USA Design & Assembly

Most of Innovative’s products are proudly designed and assembled in our Easton, PA headquarters.

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Monitor mounts are designed with robust engineering and built to withstand fast-paced financial environments that support multiple users throughout the day. All mounts are cycle tested to 30,000 cycles, which exceeds BIFMA industry standards.

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