Modular Now® – an adaptable solution for POS mounts.


Configurable POS Solutions

Not all POS installations are alike, which is why Modular Now® was developed to allow customers to quickly and easily create a custom configured solution. Use our Modular Now configurator to build yours today.


Durable Solutions for Continuous Use

POS environments are notoriously heavy-use, which is why point-of-sale applications need mounting solutions that are designed and built with durability in mind. Expert engineering and a thoughtful production process means Modular Now® is one of the highest quality POS mounting options available.


Image is Everything

Choose Innovative’s clean, attractive POS design to convey a quality image straight through the checkout process.


Maximize Counter Space

More counter space means more selling space. A single Modular Now® pole mount can support multiple displays, a terminal payment device and a printer.

Configuring Modular Now® is Easy