So you have your Winston Workstation and have been reaping all the health benefits that come with adding standing into your workday. Now it’s time to make the most of your Winston. Innovative has recently introduced a few accessories Winston owners can get to work with their Winston Workstation in the way they want.

iMac Stand Accessory








Winston Workstation isn’t just for PC users. With the Apple iMac stand accessory, iMac users who prefer to work with the iMac stand rather than a VESA plate can easily convert their Winston sit-stand into an iMac-friendly workstation.

Laptop Holder Kit


WNST-2-124 & 8501_front






If you’re a mobile user who is always working with a laptop, the laptop holder kit is a great accessory to use when it comes to customizing your Winston. The kit includes an articulating laptop arm and tray, turning Winston into an ideal solution for the active workplace.

Mounting Options


8485 thru mount






Winston Workstation already comes with a freestanding base which allows users to put Winston right on the top of the desk, but what’s life without options? Now you can get a desk clamp mount or a thru-mount to modify the mount your Winston uses.

It’s easy to get any of these accessories with your Winston, just order them along with the original Winston Workstation base SKU. Have questions about ordering? Give us a call at 800-524-2744.

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