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Ergonomics is the practice of designing products for people that help to enhance their health, wellness, and productivity in the workplace. The goal of ergonomics is to improve the interaction between technology and the user by identifying physical points of stress, then minimize or eliminate that stress.

Thank you again for your assistance with choosing the products…I will be installing four of the 7500’s this week at a local customer with pride and confidence.
Peter Melnik,
Melnik Resources Ltd

We are dedicated to helping professionals live healthier lives through office ergonomics. Innovative designs and manufactures a range of products to help create an ergonomically correct and productive working environment.

Sitting Disease

More recently, the focus has been on the extensive amount of time workers are spending sitting down. With the ever rising use of computers in the workplace, many employees, particularly those in an office environment, are spending six or more hours a day seated behind a desk. This extensive amount of sitting is leading to serious health problems, commonly referred to as “sitting disease.” To learn more about the health risks related to sitting and sitting disease, click here

There’s a big difference between exercising too little and sitting too much…


It might be easier than many people think to make positive ergonomic changes at work, resulting in improved health and wellness. A few changes that can be implemented include:

  • Take breaks to stretch throughout the day.
  • Swap out the elevator for the stairs.
  • Consider making your meetings standing ones.
  • Find the Innovative product that works best for you and your office.