Innovative’s newly re-designed EVO monitor arm won a 2016 Best of NeoCon silver award in the Technology Support category of the competition hosted by Contract Magazine. “After putting so much thought, time, and effort into the project it’s really very gratifying to have won a Best of NeoCon award for EVO.  I don’t think that [...]

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Switch™ — the configurable monitor mounting system

Meet Switch™... a configurable multi-monitor mounting system for the modern office. Switch™ allows you to quickly reconfigure your monitor configurations as needs change. Options for available for arrays of 2 to 8 monitors. It's a perfect solution for trading floors, command and control, call centers and more. Learn more here. Switch Multi-Monitor Mounting System

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New Product: Quadropod™ LCD Mount

The new Quadropod™ LCD Mount enables you to mount 4 of Innovative's award-winning 7000 LCD Arms at a single central point. This is an extremely space-efficient, yet flexible, means of mounting 4 monitors. Ideal for trading desks, call centers, and command and control environments. Each monitor can be positioned independent of the others. Simply grab [...]

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