Meet Ella – the Future of Monitor Arms


Unique Form, Unmistakable Performance

Ella’s elegant design has been precisely engineered to deliver unparalleled performance across the arm’s entire range of motion.


See the Big Picture

With support for a single monitor up to a 43-inch screen size or two monitors with a 30-inch screen size, Ella allows you to work the way you want without sacrificing style.


Instant Transformation

Ella installs entirely from above the desk surface and requires very few adjustments during setup, greatly reducing installation time compared to the competition.


Aesthetic Adaptability

Whether you want to fit in or stand out, Ella can match your style. Choose from finishes of white, silver or black and complement with optional customizable inserts to create a look that fits your workspace.

Make A Statement

Choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns to complement any workspace with Ella’s optional customizable inserts.

Ella Lookbook

Get inspired by ideas for Ella in different types of office environments.


Workspace 1

Ella monitor arms on HAT height adjustable tables.

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Workspace 2

Ella monitor arms on HAT 6-pack benching.

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Ella monitor arm on traditional static desk.

Workspace 3

Ella monitor arm on traditional static desk.

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Ella Models

Ella is available in both single and dual monitor configurations.