smiley mugThe concept of “workplace wellness” – that is, creating an atmosphere that promotes health and happiness in the office – is becoming more and more popular as employee satisfaction is shown to have a link to their productivity. While having a culture of wellness is clearly important and impactful to the company as a whole, the question becomes how does a company create a wellness culture?

Wellness translates to physical, mental, and social wellbeing, so it’s important that all these bases are covered when implementing any type of program. For Innovative, having a culture of wellness in place is extremely important. Health and wellness is part of our mission and our products, so we pride ourselves on providing cultural wellness for our employees. Need some ideas for your own work environment? Here’s what Innovative does to promote a culture of workplace wellness for everyone.

1. Idea Generation Boards – Sometimes employees can feel like their voices or ideas get lost. With this in mind, each department meets once a week at their Idea Generation Board. This gives everyone an opportunity to present ideas that will erase obstacles to productivity or even make jobs easier, which means less day-to-day stress!

2. Investing in Continuous Improvement – Related to the Idea Generation Board is the concept of continuous improvement. At Innovative, we have an employee who is dedicated to identifying areas of improvement that will benefit our team and our customers, which translates into a healthier company in general. Areas of CI focus include company culture, lean manufacturing, and productivity, all of which contributes to overall wellness.

3. Creating a Culture Task Team – Employees also have an active hand in developing the kind of workplace culture they want to be a part of. Anyone who works at Innovative has an open invitation to join the Culture Task Team, which focuses on wellness initiatives like employee recognition, employee programs, and special events so that all staff know their contribution makes a difference.

4. Monthly Lunches with the CEO – Once a month, members of Innovative’s office and manufacturing plant are selected to have lunch with our CEO. This provides people an occasion to address questions or concerns with someone who has serious influence. If your company is too big to get time with the CEO, consider lunch with a department head instead. Employees will appreciate the chance to address their feelings, plus doesn’t everyone enjoy a free lunch?

5. Daily Stretch Breaks – We’ve addressed the mental and social wellbeing aspects of wellness, but there’s also the physical. Taking time out of the day to stretch and be active is incredibly important to a healthy workforce. At Innovative, we try to conduct daily stretch breaks. True, some days are quickly filled with meetings, emails, and phone calls, but it’s important to make the effort to get active throughout the day. daily stretch Want to know more about creating a culture of wellness at work? Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ for additional information on workplace wellness, productivity, ergonomics, and more.