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Is desk clutter cutting into your productivity? You’re not the only one who feels the walls of paper closing in on them. Clutter can lead to missed deadlines, procrastination, and a general sense of claustrophobia. Here are 5 simple steps to reclaiming your desk and ending the war on clutter:

Throw things away. One of life’s most difficult tasks is saying goodbye. Unfortunately, there is a good reason this is number one on our list. You’ll have to have a home for all of that important clutter sitting on your desk right? Take the time to Spring clean your file folders and get rid of anything that isn’t necessary. If you’re like a lot of people, this will feel like climbing Mount Everest. Try blocking off 30 minutes a day until the job is done. Or, if you are worried you may throw away something you’ll need in the future, invest in a scanner to create digital copies you can store on your computer.


Make sure everything has a home.  Now, aren’t you glad you created all of that space? Put all fileable paperwork within your desk drawers using clearly marked file folders. If you run out of space here, or you need quicker access, get an inbox and outbox if that’s your style, or grab a stand-up or stacked file organizer from the office supply store. Get drawer or desk top organizers for items like pens, staples, and paperclips. Even establish a home for items that come and go, like your smartphone or tablet.

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Raise items off of the desktop. If you have a small or medium size office space, an open desktop can seem as valuable as real estate in Manhattan. Try solutions like Slat Wall and Slat Rail Accessories for cubicles and our EVO Monitor Arm that can help raise these items up off of the desktop. You’d be surprised how much bigger and clutter free your desk can feel.


Tame your cords. Though we live in an increasingly wireless world, your average office worker is still mired in a tangle of cords. Start by unplugging every cord and USB cable and make sure they follow a logical route to your computer or the wall. Consider bundling cables with zip ties or Velcro, or using a monitor mount that manages cables for you. If you use USB ports on your keyboard or CPU for charging mobile devices a USB monitor mount like our Busbytm bring cords toward the back of your desk out of your primary workspace while still allowing easy accessibility to the device.


Maintenance.  Doesn’t it feel great to get your space back? Now you just have to make sure it stays that way. Take the last 10 minutes of your workday to tidy up before you leave. Some choose to take 15 minutes every Friday evening or Monday morning. No matter when you do it, ongoing maintenance will pay dividends in productivity.

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