We recently had the pleasure of welcoming a group of students from the Monroe Career & Technical Institute (MCTI) to Innovative for a tour of our facility. Innovative prides itself on being a community-focused company, and we are always grateful for the opportunity to engage with local students.

The MCTI students were mostly in 10th grade, but they were also joined by an 11th grader and two 9th graders. They are all enrolled in the Precision Machining program at MCTI. This program is “designed to give individuals instruction, knowledge and skills in all aspects of shaping parts for industrial application,” effectively preparing them for careers in manufacturing. We really enjoyed being able to meet with such a great group of students and loved showing them around our plant.

From Jerome Solt, our team member who co-led the tour:

“It was great to have them come by and see not just our machine shop but the entire manufacturing facility. 20 years ago I sat in that very class. Mr. Granahan was my instructor and it was his first year as a teacher at MCTI. One major problem we face in machining field is that there is a lack of trained individuals amongst the younger generations in the United States. Seeing a full class that we had here was great, it lets us know the workforce will be replenished as the baby boomers and the generation after them retire. Having toured our facility the students can tie the process of machining a raw casting or stock to a finished product. I think they have a better understanding of why having knowledge of proper machining is a crucial to business being competitive in the manufacturing world. I think it was successful for all parties and look forward to doing it again in the future.”

Check out some pictures from the visit below!