Innovative is thrilled to announce that it has completed the acquisition of HAT Contract (“HAT”). Based in San Jose, California, HAT is a leading North American designer, contract manufacturer, and distributor of office ergonomic products including height adjustable tables, power/data beams, drawer pedestals, dividers, work surfaces, and electrical components for benching and bases. HAT’s founders, Brian McNay and Tony Glaves, will continue to manage the HAT business operations, reporting to Innovative CEO David Fox.

In the five years since its inception in 2013, HAT has rapidly grown to be one of the largest suppliers of height adjustable bases and related products on a national and global scale.

From our CEO, David Fox:

“The Ergonomic segment of the office furniture industry has been growing in a very healthy fashion in North America as an increasing percentage of professionals and employers continue to focus on smart office products that enhance workplace health and wellness while improving employee productivity. On behalf of the entire Innovative team, we are delighted to have HAT become a part of our family and are thrilled to partner with Brian (McNay) and Tony (Glaves) to fuel the rapid expansion of this powerful, high growth platform over the coming years.  Our strategic visions are perfectly aligned and we are excited to achieve dynamic growth on multiple continents as we plan to continue to develop innovative ergonomic and mounting solutions together to satisfy expanding demand for products that improve health, wellness and productivity.”

From HAT CEO, Tony Glaves:

“We’re thrilled to be a part of Innovative. It’s a great mixture of people and product.”

-New Products-


HAT offers a wide variety of height adjustable tables to make your workspace even more comfortable and ergonomic. Tables are available in different shapes and sizes to fit your individual needs.


Power and Data Beams

These beams offer a simple power and data distribution system for today’s open office environment. The lightweight, easy-to-install solutions are available in silver, black, and white, and they include two receptacles and one voice data cutout.



Mobile Pedestals

Available with or without a cushion, these pedestals come in silver, black, and white.



HAT offers a number of helpful accessories including dividers, casters, adjustable keyboards, and power data modules, all pictured below.

dividercaster   keyboard  module

You can learn more about HAT, its history, and its products here.