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From radio and TV to post-production rooms, Innovative’s monitor arms and mounts for some of the premier names in the broadcasting industry, providing much-needed space savings and ergonomic comfort.

Innovative works with clients such as manufactures and end-users in the media broadcast markets to supply reliable monitor mounting solutions. Innovative’s monitor arms can be mounted to control room consoles for TV studios, radio stations, and post-production editing rooms to help employees work in ergonomic comfort while offering space savings and flexibility in a fast-paced environment. Since most of our products are designed and assembled in our Easton, PA headquarters, we work closely with customers during the ordering process and quickly deliver the desired mounting solution. Innovative partners with broadcasting companies like ABC, ESPN, NPR, and Sirius to deliver high quality monitor mounting solutions for on-air talent and behind-the-scenes employees.

Working with Innovative

An experienced design and engineering team work directly with our sales representatives to ensure customers receive a product configuration created around a specialized application.

Why Choose Innovative?



Thoughtful engineering, quality materials, 30,000 testing cycles means Innovative’s monitor arms are built to stand up to high use control room consoles.

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All monitor mounts can be customized to fit the needs of broadcasting facilities requiring specialized solutions.


Space Saving

Flexible monitor arms work to conserve space in small studios and broadcast areas, helping to make space for other necessary items.

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