Joe Tolsolt, CEO of Innovative Office Products, is known around the office for his unique type of dual monitor configuration. Joe sits down with us to talk about his multi-monitor system, how it enhances his productivity, and why he would never go back to just one monitor.



Tell me a little bit about your monitors.

I use two 24″ wide screen monitors. When I first started using them, you put them side by side and it’s almost like watching a tennis match from the first row, where if you’re looking at something on the far left screen and then you want to turn and look at the far right screen, it takes awhile. It seemed to slow me down. I have to give credit to one of our colleagues here at Innovative, Marissa, who was the one who figured out that if you turn one monitor to portrait and one to landscape, you’re decreasing the east-west difference.

There’s also another benefit in that certain programs are more suitable for running in portrait and other programs are more suitable for running in landscape, and you actually have a choice. It’s a small but meaningful way you can be more productive in the course of the day. Essentially, you’re wasting less time navigating your mouse and scrolling left to right; cumulatively it really adds up…you’re taking some of the frustration out of getting things done.

What kind of Innovative monitor arms are you using to mount your screens?

I use our 7000-8408, which allows you to mount two 7000 arms in one mount top on the desk. The 7000-8408 uses two different arms so you have the ability to independently move and position the monitors.

More recently I’ve been working with our early prototype of Winston Workstation, our sit-stand workstation, which enables you to mount two monitors side by side and independently pivot and rotate each one.7000


How long have you been working in this configuration?

A least four years.

Would you ever consider going back to a single screen?

No. Just working with two monitors in general, regardless of the configuration, I just feel it saves time. You can have multiple windows open at any point and are also able to quickly maximize one of the windows on one of the screens. Additionally,  you can still see the applications on the other screen. You’re saving a lot of time Alt-tabbing back and forth between applications.

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Joe TosoltJoe Tolsolt was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Innovative Office Products in June 2012 after more than 10 years holding leadership roles in the sales and marketing division of the company.