1. You must attach the monitor to the arm, and you must place the arm in the mount, prior to attempting adjustments.
  2. Press the arm down to approximately parallel with the desk prior to turning the strength adjustment screw. This relieves pressure on the gas cylinder and makes it easier to adjust.
  3. If the arm is too strong, turn the adjustment screw clockwise. If the arm is too weak, turn the adjustment screw counter-clockwise. Depending on the weight of your monitor, you may have to make 15-20 turns. After each few turns, stop to check to see if the monitor remains in place when you remove your hand from it.
  4. If you follow these steps and are still unable to get the arm to float, or if you reach a point where you can no longer turn the screw, it is possible that your monitor is outside of the weight range of your mounting arm. Please contact Innovative customer support at 800-524-2744 for assistance or watch the video.