WNST-2-FS_front_r-to-lWinston Workstation: Energizing your body. Inspiring your mind.


Taking the time to stand throughout your workday just got easier – Innovative’s Winston Workstation has officially launched and is shipping to customers!

Winston is our new sit/stand workstation that easily goes from sitting to standing with just the push of a button. Winston was designed for wellness and productivity with great features like:

  • Freestanding base allows you to instantly turn your existing desk into a sit/stand workstation


  • Seamless height adjustment and locking cylinder enables standing work without the distraction of unwanted movement


  • A large, natural wood surface allowing you to bring all necessities with you when you stand


The Winston Workstation is perfect for those who are looking for a sit/stand solution designed to offer all of the wellness benefits of increased activity without compromising space, stability or work throughout the day.

Want to learn more about Winston Workstation? Visit our website or contact a representative at 800-524-2744 to discuss how to get Winston on your desk today!

For more information on the importance of standing throughout your day, visit: https://innovativeworkspaces.com/standwhileyouwork.php


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