You’ve heard a lot about the Winston Workstation, Innovative’s popular sit-stand workstation. Now there is a new member of our sit-stand family: Winston-E.

Winston-E - office - no model - 01

Like its predecessor, Winston-E offers users a way to incorporate healthy standing into your workday, but Winston-E makes it easier than ever to alternate between sitting and standing.

With the touch of a button, convert from sitting to standing all while maintaining a stable work surface. The Winston-E features a programmable positioning to maintain your ideal standing height. This new programmable positioning features means users can save their favorite standing position, ensuring the unit will rise to their perfect ergonomic height every time.

Winston-E button

Ergonomic comfort is also center stage. Winston-E  features cutting-edge focal depth adjustment and independent movement of the 1, 2 or 3 monitors letting the user keep their monitors ergonomically adjusted for personal viewing or screen sharing with a 200° tilt, 180° pivot and 360° rotation.

The Winston-E was designed with ease of use, style and functionality in mind. With robust electronics encased in a sleek design with modern edges and clean lines, the Winston-E is the sophisticated sit-stand solution to compliment any modern office.  The newly designed accessory tray is a catch-all within reach yet out of the way and a cable management system keeps the work space free of clutter.

Winston-E - Dual - cable management

If you are looking for sit-stand workstation engineered for ease of use and freedom of movement, look no further, Winston-E is your perfect match.

For more information on Winston-E, click here. To find out how you can get Winston-E on your desk, call 800-524-2744 to speak with a product expert.

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