As the focus on “sitting disease” continues to grow, more and more sit-stand solutions are becoming available to companies that want to provide an alternative for their sedentary, desk-based employees. With a variety of options available, it begs the question: Why Winston?

Winston Comparison Chart


Winston Workstation was specially designed to fit the needs of all employees who want to be less sedentary and make it as easy as possible to incorporate standing into the workday. With this in mind, there are a few key features that set Winston apart from the rest.

  • Monitor options – Work with only one monitor? Have a high demand position that requires three or four monitors? Winston is able to mount one to four monitors easily to fit the needs of the individual.
  • Push button height adjust – Users can go from sitting to standing with the push of a button without disrupting their workday.
  • Locking gas cylinder – Winston’s internal locking gas cylinder lets you work without unwanted wobble.
  • Retrofit to any desk – Don’t spend money on standing desks for the entire office. Winston retrofits to existing desks to save money and installation time.
  • Expansive work surface – From your keyboard and mouse to your iPad and cup of coffee, Winston’s generous surface gives ample room for what’s needed.

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