As studies emphasize the importance of workplace wellness for employees and the financial bottom line, there are a growing number of companies recognizing that healthy employees mean a healthy business. While there are many great wellness-focused companies out there, we’re highlighting a few who go above and beyond for their employees, choosing to invest their dollars in impressive health and wellness initiatives.


1. SAS – This San Francisco-based software company offers their employees a range of healthy opportunities to support a culture of workplace wellness. Highlights include a free on-site healthcare center with services like physical exams, flu shots, physical therapy, and nutritional consults. Their cafeteria includes healthy, organic choices and they also offer a free gym to all employees and their families.

2. General Electric – With over 130,000 employees, GE has helped to ensure that each one of them has a healthy place to work. Employees have access to a Health Coach program that provides trained nurses to answer health concerns, plus the NowClinic, which offers 24/7 video chat time with physicians for questions and diagnosis. GE also offers all employees, spouses, adult children, and company retirees an inexpensive gym membership to keep them active and healthy.


3. Genentech – Major biotech company Genentech has a number of programs in place to ensure all employees have the physical and mental wellness necessary to lead healthy lives. A few of their offerings include organic, locally-grown produce in the cafeteria, on-site physical therapy, guided meditation, and fitness centers. Wellness is even part of business trips with travel health kits for employees who are out of the office.

4. Zappos – Zappos is often known for two things: 1. Great deals on shoes; and 2. Their commitment to happy employees. Zappos recognizes that happiness and health go hand-in-hand, which is why they provide their team with free on-site fitness centers and training classes, bike parking, and company-sponsored fitness challenges.

KaiserPermenente(Kaiser Permanente)

5. Kaiser Permanente – Kaiser Permanente is a major player in the healthcare industry, so it seems obvious that corporate policy would be to ensure employees have access to a variety of workplace wellness options. All cafeterias and vending machines are stocked with healthy choices from over 50 company-supported farmers’ markets. To encourage physical activity, the company has bike-to-work reimbursements, on-site gyms, and the awesome Instant Recess campaign, which promotes fun 10-minute fitness breaks during the day.

6. Google – In many respects, Google is in a league of their own, which allows them to invest major dollars to support a culture of workplace wellness. At Googleplex, they offer on-site physicians and nurses, provide more than 1,000 community bikes all over the company campus, made it easier to pick healthy choices at the cafeteria with color coded options, and provide smaller plates for better portion control.

If you’re interested in incorporating wellness into the workplace, consider ergonomics as a way to focus on corporate health. As a manufacturer of monitor arms and the Winston sit/stand workstation, Innovative has a number of options that can help employees be more ergonomic – and therefore healthier – while at the office.

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