Whether you prefer iPad or Android, there’s no denying that tablets offer users a higher level of flexibility and mobility than basic desktop PCs or laptops. With these benefits in mind, users are beginning to make their preference known, both for their personal use and in their professional lives.

Market research company NPD DisplaySearch analyzed the expansion of tablet shipment unit purchase and forecast purchases from 2012-2018:


Based on these projections, tablets in the workplace aren’t just a passing fad – they’re outpacing standard PC and notebook options by well over three million units, allowing tablets to quickly become staples in many professional lifestyles and changing the culture of office mobility.

With the rise of tablets in the workplace, people are trying to find the best way to seamlessly incorporate tablets into their day-to-day. Currently, tablet users have options like kickstands or stationary mounts, neither of which offer the mobility and flexibility users need to get the most out of their tablet. One suggestion to fill this void is Tablik – the first flexible tablet arm mount available on the market. Tablik can be used as a flexible desk mount or dual monitor mount, all while having a convenient grab-and-go interface for busy mobile workers.

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