With Innovative’s upcoming launch of Tablik, a versatile tablet and iPad arm mount, you may be wondering if a tablet will really become a part of your everyday work life or if we’re just truing to make a tablet desk mount pitch. The truth is that mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, are in everyone’s hand. Right now it’s hard to meet someone who doesn’t use a smartphone on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Tablets are also quickly becoming a must have for many everyday tasks: shopping, checking email, games, social, and everything else in between. As tablets start to become as integrated in daily lives as smartphones, tablet users are seeing the benefit of using these devices at work as well.

Tablet users aren’t the only ones. Companies are starting to take notice too, particularly when it comes to adding tablets to their arsenal of electronics. More and more offices are introducing tablet PCs to the workplace as they realize the benefits of tablets to the mobile workforce. Here are three important ways tablet usage is changing at the office (and some of their benefits, too!):

1. Improved productivity

By going mobile, employees can log in and take their office just about anywhere. This is especially effective for positions that require travel or frequent meetings with clients. You can easily bring your computer with you – just by slipping your tablet into your briefcase.

2. Powerful presentations

Nothing gets a presentation or a sales pitch off to a shaky start like hauling in a behemoth laptop to the conference room. Tablets offer the same level of functionality as a laptop for interactive displays and impressive slideshows while giving you the freedom to be more dynamic during your speech. You’ll never have to be stuck behind a stationary screen again.


Does your office have a BYOD policy? “Bring your own device” is becoming a popular option for companies to allow employees to use their own devices for work-related efforts. Many offices with a BYOD policy in place have reported greater employee satisfaction and an improved bottom line from reducing hardware costs.

(Photo: Forbes)

For more information about tablets in the workplace, check out Forbes, which takes an in-depth look into tablet benefits; and IBM, which offers an insightful breakdown for how to implement a BYOD policy at your company.

Now that we’ve outlined the benefits of bringing your tablet or iPad at work, it’s time to talk about how you’re going to mount it for a truly productive mobile workplace. Adding the flexible Tablik tablet mount to your desk encourages the use of your personal device and provides a healthy, ergonomic environment – so you can get your work done and feel great. Tablik improves the viability of regular office use of tablets and iPads through a purpose-built design that enables the tablet and iPad arm mount to be easily attached to  your desk or monitor. It provides maximum flexibility for comfortable positioning of the tablet or iPad and increases mobility of the busy mobile employee. Created for all users, Tablik works with tablets of any size, so your iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and all other tablets and cases can be mounted with Tablik. So what are you waiting for? Bring these facts to your boss and tell them it’s time to join the mobile worker revolution!

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