No one denies that ergonomics are an important part of maintaining a healthy body while in the office, but after hours of sitting at a desk staring at a computer, it can be easy to end up in slouched position. Research shows that something as simple as poor posture can hurt employees and the company they’re working for. With both the health of employees and the health of the company on the line, how can you straighten your spine?



We’ve talked about the body benefits of incorporating stretching breaks into the workday, but doing stretches that specifically target your back and neck can make a big difference when it comes to sitting straight during the day or hunching over your keyboard. You can check out effective stretches for your neck, back, and the rest of your body here.

Posture Props

If you have trouble remembering to sit straight on your own, consider bringing in a little outside help. Using supportive props like a foot rest or lumbar back supports can help align your spine for better posture, resulting in less back pain and better ergonomics.



In addition to the numerous health benefits standing can offer, taking regular breaks to get up can help reset your posture. Try setting an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to stand or, if regular breaks are too hard to take, try getting a sit-stand workstation that can get you standing without disrupting your work.

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