Just using one computer monitor is turning into a thing of the past. In recent years, dual monitor systems have become prevalent in the workplace for employees at all levels, especially with great benefits like:

  • Running multiple programs at once.
  • Providing an easy way to reference information without constantly having to minimize and maximize programs.
  • An easier way to share information between different applications.

All of these pluses make your day run smoother and more efficiently. But what happens when you have work needs that are so much bigger than just dual monitors?

We can help you with that.

For expansive and continually changing multi-monitor needs, consider investing in the award-winning Bild. Available in October, Bild is the latest ergonomic creation by the Innovative team. This highly configurable solution enables users to easily mount anywhere from two to 16+ monitors without having to slide monitors off the mount. Keeping in line with Innovative’s commitment to offering convenient, cutting-edge monitor mounts, Bild allows you to create your own angles and fine tune the system to fit your style, so you can work the way you want.

Bild 4 over 4 l to rBild pole mount

In addition to Bild, our Switch line of multiple monitor solutions can display three, four, six or more LCD monitors for a high level productivity and configurations. These flexible monitor mounts utilize the adjustable Switch bracket for effortless motion and positioning.


You can learn more about how Bild and Switch can change the way you work with multi-monitors by speaking with a representative at 800-524-2744.

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