As open workspace offices continue to grow in popularity and employees are becoming more active in the office, it’s important to find a mounting solution that can work in these evolving office environments. Ideal for the modern open office design, Innovative 7050 monitor and laptop mount can provide a space-saving solution to the open and active workplace.


One of the hallmarks of the open workspace office design is the lack of “assigned” desks; employees come to the office, plug in to a station then leave with their laptop or tablet at the end of the day. The 7050 monitor arm mounts a monitor and laptop or tablet from a single point on the desk, making it ideal for open concept offices utilizing a benching desk system for employees. By securing their tablet or laptop to the quick attach and release mechanism, employees of active workplaces can easily plug in to any monitor mount station and start their day. They can even grab their mobile device and move to another co-working space as needed. No one has to be stuck in one spot.

Want to learn more about the 7050 arm and how it can enhance your open office design? You can check it out here.

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