Are you in the market for a monitor arm? You’ve come to the right place! Since 1986, Innovative has specialized in the design and manufacturing of mounting solutions for monitors, laptops, tablets, and more. Now the question becomes: what monitor arm is right for you?

Your choice of monitor mount is going to depend a lot on your workspace. We have all types of short reach arms for more compact desks and work areas, longer arms for applications that require extensive reach, articulating arms that provide fluid movement as needed, and more. No matter where you work, there is a mounting solution that can be configured to fit your space. But first, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself in order to get the monitor mount for your application.

1. How much does your monitor weigh?

Innovative’s monitor arms are mostly controlled by a gas cylinder within the arm, which allows you seamlessly adjust and move the monitors as needed. In order for the right gas cylinder to be placed in the arm, it’s necessary to know how much your monitor (or monitors if it’s a multi-monitor application) weighs. Figuring this part out is the first step, since it will determine if you need a mount that’s made for heavier monitors (like our 7500 series) or if it falls in the range of lighter monitors, in which case our 7000 series or 7Flex series might be the right option.


7000 monitor arm       7500arm                          7500 monitor arm                        


7Flex monitor arm


2. Do you need a single mount, dual, or multi-monitor solution?

Many of our most popular monitor arms come with mounting options for single or dual monitors, making it easy for you to pick which of these possibilities best fits your needs. All of Innovative’s classic arms mentioned above also come in convenient and easy-to-use dual monitor applications, including the 7000-8408, 7500-Wing, and 7Flex Dual!


7000-8408 mount   


            7500-Wing dual mount            


7Flex Dual monitor mount

When two monitors don’t seem like enough, there are also a range of multiple monitor solutions available. Our Switch series can be configured for up to six monitors, while our new Winston sit/stand workstation is now available in a dual or triple monitor mount (Winston quad is coming soon!). If your multi-monitor needs require more than six monitors, our Bild multi-monitor solution can easily mount more than 16 monitors.


Winston Workstation Dualwinstontriple

 Winston Workstation Triple     Bild 4 over 4 l to r

 Bild multi-monitor system

3. What kind of flexibility and configuration are you looking for?

Innovative prides itself on being able to provide smartly designed ergonomic solutions for all users. To that end, we offer a range of flexible options to meet your needs, including (but definitely not limited to):

  • Range of motion (long reach, short reach, articulating)
  • Type of mount (isolated monitor movement, full arm movement, pole mount, wall mount)
  • Color (black, silver, even white!)

Do you need more help with finding the right monitor arm for your needs? Our product experts are here to help, just call 800-524-2744. You’re also welcome to browse our website for a complete list of monitor mount offerings!

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