Winston Workstation is a great way to retrofit any desk into a health-focused sit/stand workstation. But did you know that you can customize your Winston? With three simple steps, you can configure Winston to fit your needs and your style, so you can work healthier in your own way.


1. Choose your monitors

Not everyone uses just one monitor, but not everyone has a need to mount four monitors. Winston gives users the flexibility to mount the number of monitors they need: one, two, three or four. An added bonus is that you can add or remove your monitors at the face of the beam, making the process faster and more convenient than having to slide off three monitors to eliminate one.


A special note to all iMac users: Since Winston has industry standard VESA compatibility, you can also get the benefits of standing while you work with your iMac monitor.


2. Choose your mount

Winston was designed for anyone who wanted to add periods of standing into their sedentary day, but didn’t want to purchase an entirely new desk system. With this in mind, Winston customers can choose from two mounting options that fit with the desk you already know and love: free-standing (which simply sits on top of the desk) or desk clamp (which securely mounts Winston on the edge of the desk). All you have to do is decide which option is best for your space.


3. Choose your finish

Finally there is the finish. You can’t make your perfect Winston without the chance to translate your personal taste. Winston Workstation comes in three possible color finishes: black, silver or white. Since you spend much of your day at your desk, it’s important to have a sit/stand workstation that will help you on the path towards wellness while complementing your style.

That’s all there is when it comes to selecting the Winston that’s perfect for you. Click here for more information or call 800-524-2744 to speak with a product expert about how to configure your Winston.

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