strecting meeting

Most of us spend at least eight hours a day working at a desk. Then there’s the time sitting in the car during your commute. Not to mention sitting on the couch once you get home. That’s a lot of sitting. With all of the ways sitting can negatively impact your health, it’s important to get moving as often as possible. Think you’re too busy to get away from your desk? Think again! We have five easy ways you can incorporate activity into your day and help reduce the risk of “sitting disease.”

1. Stand during your meetings – Are regular meetings a staple of your work life? Getting rid of the conference room chairs is a great opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits standing has to offer. Added bonus: A standing meeting experiment showed that meeting times were reduced by 25%!

2. Take the stairs – If you find yourself constantly taking the elevator, it’s time to pay attention to that lonely stairwell. Going up even one or two floors via the stairs gets your legs moving and heart pumping, which the beloved elevator just can’t do for you.stairs

3. Walk and talk – Do you need to ask a co-worker a question or review a recent project plan? Consider hanging up the phone or canceling that email draft and walk to their office instead. You get the benefits of walking and all the pluses of face-to-face communication!

4. Invest in your desk – Your desk and chair are the biggest culprits when it comes to damaging your health, which is why standing desks are fast becoming the popular option for health-conscious offices. Rather than having to purchase a whole new desk, Innovative’s new Winston Workstation (available in November) retrofits into your existing desk, so you can easily go from sitting to standing when you want to slide your chair to the side.


5. Schedule a stretch break – Stretching doesn’t just get you out of your seat; it also gives you a chance to relieve stress and tension that builds up. Consider making it a 10-minute afternoon appointment for the entire office so everyone can get active together (at Innovative, our stretch time is always 2 p.m.!).

It’s easier than you think to get moving throughout your day! If you want more ergonomic ideas and workplace wellness tips, be sure to follow Innovative on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.