Since we launched Winston Workstation, we’ve talked about the health benefits of incorporating a sit/stand workstation into your workday. But Winston offers so much more than health benefits for the individual – it can also help the health of your company’s bottom line.

Studies have shown that when workers are sedentary, their productivity is sluggish, they have more injuries, and they take more days off due to the multitude of health risks that are associated with excessive sitting. So how can a business help to alleviate these costly issues?

Increased Productivity

Using a sit/stand workstation like Winston has been shown to increase energy levels and focus, which means an increased level of productivity (by as much as 10%, according to Business Insider). Adding productivity to the workday means your employees will also be helping to grow the company’s profits.

Fewer Injuries

By sitting for hours at a time without taking important breaks to stand, sedentary employees are at a higher risk for injuries to their back and neck. Providing a Winston Workstation can help to mitigate these ergonomic issues, resulting in fewer injuries, less workman’s compensation claims, and reduced healthcare costs.

Less Time Off

Your employees can’t work to their fullest potential if they’re taking time off due to sitting-related chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure. Tied to our previous two benefits, less illness time off means more days (and higher productivity) while at work, and less healthcare-related company costs.

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