Innovative is proud to announce we are now shipping the next generation award-winning EVO® monitor arm.

The EVO® monitor arm provides an ergonomic and space saving solution geared towards high-end modern design. EVO® combines intuitive ease of use with gorgeous design that will complement any work space.


The arm floats the monitor weightlessly above the work surface where it can be effortlessly re-positioned with one-touch monitor adjustment and unique Better Balance® Technology that provides true constant force across the arm’s range of motion. The tension adjustment at each joint ensures a smooth movement of the arm while allowing the monitor to rotate for portrait or landscape viewing.

A quick and easy mount installation performed above desk makes for a quick out of box set-up.

“EVO really has evolved; it is easier to install, easier to use, and easier to adjust. It incorporates design and engineering improvements that not only make it perform better, but make it more desirable than ever.” – Peter Carrasquillo, Industrial Designer

Choose between a single or dual arm and match the aesthetics of your space with white, silver or black finishes. EVO® includes a sleek cable management system that routes cables beneath the monitor arm for a clutter free work environment and space saving solution.


It is easier than ever to mount a flat panel monitor while complementing any workspace with EVO®’s modern design.

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