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Winston Sit-Stand Workstation: One Year Later

It's hard to believe that it has only been one year since Innovative introduced Winston Workstation. Since Winston's launch, thousands of people have experienced the health benefits of incorporating standing into the work day, helping to give a boost to productivity and preventing "sitting disease." Unlike many of the other ergonomic sit-stand solutions available, Winston [...]

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NeoCon East 2015: Philadelphia Highlights

Last week's NeoCon East 2015 was a whirlwind filled with interesting trends in office design, vibrant patterns, and stunning booths. Couldn't make it to this year's show? We've got a few highlights here to enjoy. Exciting Ergonomics NeoCon East attendees were flocking to the Innovative booth to check out our ergonomic products. From the classic [...]

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Innovative Team Spotlight: Kevin

For October's Innovative Team Spotlight, we're talking with Kevin, a sales representative for Innovative. Kevin's focus has been growing our furniture and architecture dealer customer base and has recently been connecting with new companies to spread the word about Innovative's ergonomic monitor mount solutions.   1. How long have you been with Innovative? I've been [...]

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Innovative in the Office

For nearly 30 years, Innovative has been the go-to for companies looking to outfit their offices with ergonomic monitor arms that offer the flexibility and space savings needed in busy professional environments. With NeoCon East just around the corner, find out a few of the ways Innovative can help to enhance any office space. Corporate [...]

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Winston Accessories: How to Make the Most of Your Winston Sit-Stand Workstation

So you have your Winston Workstation and have been reaping all the health benefits that come with adding standing into your workday. Now it's time to make the most of your Winston. Innovative has recently introduced a few accessories Winston owners can get to work with their Winston Workstation in the way they want. iMac [...]

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Bild: One Year Later

Last October we introduced Bild, our highly configurable multi-monitor setup that can accommodate two to 16 or more monitors. To celebrate Bild's first birthday, we're visiting Centura Health in Westminster, CO, which uses Bild in their telementry war room. Image provided by Office Space Saving Concepts. Telemetry is a special unit in hospitals [...]

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Getting Ready for Philly: NeoCon East 2015 Preview

We're just one month away from NeoCon East 2015! As a relative to NeoCon, NeoCon East brings together hundreds of commercial interior design companies to showcase the best the industry as to offer. To get ready for NeoCon East, we're giving you a sneak peek at the products Innovative will have on display. Winston Workstation [...]

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Straighten Up: Posture in the Office

No one denies that ergonomics are an important part of maintaining a healthy body while in the office, but after hours of sitting at a desk staring at a computer, it can be easy to end up in slouched position. Research shows that something as simple as poor posture can hurt employees and the company they're [...]

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Innovative Team Spotlight: Jeff

It's a new month, which means we're speaking to a new member of the Innovative team. For September, we're introducing you to Jeff, our new VP of Sales. Read on to learn more about Jeff and his role with Innovative. 1. How long have you worked at Innovative? I have worked here for 4 months. 2. What do you like most [...]

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Why Winston Workstation

As the focus on "sitting disease" continues to grow, more and more sit-stand solutions are becoming available to companies that want to provide an alternative for their sedentary, desk-based employees. With a variety of options available, it begs the question: Why Winston?   Winston Workstation was specially designed to fit the needs of all employees [...]

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