It’s hard to believe that it has only been one year since Innovative introduced Winston Workstation. Since Winston’s launch, thousands of people have experienced the health benefits of incorporating standing into the work day, helping to give a boost to productivity and preventing “sitting disease.”


Unlike many of the other ergonomic sit-stand solutions available, Winston is the only one available in single, dual, triple or quad monitor setups as well as for the Apple iMac stand. Winston also features a freestanding base that sits directly on top of any existing desk and an expansive work surface to hold all necessary items when standing.

To celebrate Winston’s first birthday, we’ve gathered a few comments from Winston users talking about how Winston Workstation has positively impacted their work day:

“I’ve really enjoyed having the flexibility to stand or sit in the office. It is a nice option to have that was not previously [available]. I think this will be the workstation format of choice going forward.”  – President, Furmano Foods

“[E]very once in a while, a desktop riser will come along that brings something new and forward-thinking to the table (or desk, in this case). The Winston, from Innovative Office Products, is one such riser.”  – Work While Walking

“This thing is just awesome. I’m one of those people that researches everything extensively before I spend a dime. I want the best for my buck. The Winston does everything it’s supposed to and does it really well. It’s super sturdy…and I just love having the option to sit or stand while working.” – Customer of

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To discover how Winston Workstation can help you work better, see it for yourself at the upcoming ErgoExpo at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

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