Workplace wellness isn’t a trend that will be fading any time soon. Many companies are seeing the benefits of ensuring their employees live a healthy lifestyle in the office and are investing in healthy practices like sit-stand workstations or fresh options in the cafeteria.  These steps can result in benefits for both employees and the company alike when staff start to have less chronic health issues, take fewer sick days, and lower overall healthcare costs.

But is there something more that can be done to improve well-being in the office?

Encouraging mindfulness in the workplace has several health benefits, including reducing stress and depression, and lowering blood pressure. Studies have also shown that with a regular mindful meditation practices, many people notice a boost in creativity, enhanced emotional health, and an overall ability to perform better under pressure. All of these positives translate into a mentally stronger and generally healthier workforce.

Promoting mindfulness in the workplace might be easier than you think. One way is to provide “transition time” and allow your employees to take pause between one activity and the next can help them to better focus on the next task or meeting. If you have extra space in the office, you can also create a room dedicated to a moment of mindfulness and encourage your employees to take mindful breaks every two hours or so. These small steps can lead to significant changes for your employees and company overall.

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