Innovative is back from our first time as an exhibitor at Retail’s BIG Show, the largest retail conference and expo in the country from the National Retail Federation. During the three day trade show, we had the opportunity to showcase our range of point-of-sale mounting solutions, as well as check out the latest retail trends and technology that are coming to a store near you (or may have already arrived). If you couldn’t make it to New York City, you can check out a few of the show highlights right here.

1. Winston for POS










You’ve heard us talk about Winston as an ideal sit/stand solution for the office, but did you know this workstation makes an ideal POS application as well? Winston made its point-of-sale debut at NRF, showcasing how even retail environments can benefit from workplace wellness.

2. POS Partnerships






























One of the most exciting parts of NRF was seeing a number of successful partnerships between Innovative and other point-of-sale companies. During the show we saw our 7000 monitor arm mounting the new Wave from Toshiba, the collaboration of IOP and Givex on the Vexilor, and our free-standing pole mount in the ArmorActive booth.

3. Interactive Experiences
















A big feature from a number of exhibitors was the interactive experience. It became clear that whether you’re shopping in a store, online, or getting your pick-me-up latte, your retail experience is going to start changing in a big way. Many NRF participants got a chance to play with these captivating features from different exhibitors. Some highlights included a candy store sample from Perch Interactive, an intuitive coffee bar menu from Scala, and eBay’s interactive shopping screen.

4. Technological Trends










A feature of the show was the NRF iLab, where new market technology and items that were still in the development phase were on display for guests to experience first-hand. One of the most impressive parts of the iLab was the Samto 3D Pen, which allowed users to take creativity to a new level by bringing their designs off the page.

NRF was just the start of a full year of trade shows for Innovative! To find out where we’ll be next, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ for the latest expo updates.