It’s a new year, which means one thing: resolutions. Every January is an opportunity for everyone to start clean and do their best to tackle a resolution that will improve their lives in some way.

Although January 1st might have come and gone, you can still take the steps necessary to become healthier in 2016, starting at the office. Many of us spend more of our day at work than at home, so if you’re looking to achieve wellness in your life, the workplace might be the best place to start. We’ve put together a few (easy!) tips to help jumpstart your commitment to workplace wellness in 2016.

1. Exercise at the office

If you struggle waking up early to get in a daily workout or are two tired at the end of the day to make a gym run, your office might be the perfect place to fit in a few health-minded exercises. Afraid of looking a little ridiculous doing burpees in the middle of the break room? Rodale Wellness has office-friendly moves that will help get your blood pumping.

2. Break the sitting habit

Excessive sitting is a big culprit of some serious health issues. In 2016, try to including more standing time into your workday. Investing in a sit-stand workstation like Winston is an easy way to alternate between sitting and standing without breaking the bank purchasing an entirely new desk.


Getting healthy in 2016 is as easy as taking the time during the day to stand more.

3. Pack your own lunches

If you spend each lunch hour eating out, you might be consuming a lot more calories than if you brown bag it. Making your own lunch often means you’re enjoying a mid-day meal that is far healthier than the common fast food options, not to mention you’ll also be saving some serious cash. Make it easier and try bringing your lunch one or two days a week and work up to four or five days a week. If you need some brown bag inspiration, Real Simple has several options to satisfy your palette.

Look forward to your homemade lunch with this smoked turkey sandwhich with paprika mayonnaise.

Look forward to your homemade lunch with this smoked turkey sandwich with paprika mayonnaise.

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