For nearly 30 years, Innovative has been the go-to for companies looking to outfit their offices with ergonomic monitor arms that offer the flexibility and space savings needed in busy professional environments. With NeoCon East just around the corner, find out a few of the ways Innovative can help to enhance any office space.

Corporate Office

As ergonomics and workplace wellness gain traction in the office design world, companies turn to Innovative when it comes to supplying reliable monitor mounting solutions for employees. Customers in the corporate office turn to Innovative for thoughtfully designed monitor mounts that provide space savings and ergonomic comfort. Staple products like our 7000 monitor arm, EVO monitor arm, and Winston Workstation are all popular among our corporate office dealers and end users.


Government Office

Project efficiency and product quality are reasons government offices come to Innovative for their monitor mounts. Along with Winston, the heavy duty 7500 monitor arm and the highly configurable Bild multi-monitor mount are popular among clients at the federal, state, and local government levels.

Education Office

When it comes to our education customers, Innovative works with a number of colleges looking to outfit computer labs and libraries, but there are also higher education offices needing durable monitor mounts. For many of Innovative’s education customers, the 9112 pole mount series, 7500 monitor arm, 7000 monitor arm, and Winston Sit-Stand Workstation are the most requested items.

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