Innovative Team Spotlight: Steve

One reason why customers keep coming back to Innovative is our ability to customize solutions to meet the needs of all application types. This is particularly true for our many point-of-sale customers who are often looking for a specific type of mounting solution. As Innovative's Design & Engineering Manager, Steve leads his team in the development [...]

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Creating a Healthy Company (and Bottom Line) with Winston Sit/Stand Workstation

Since we launched Winston Workstation, we've talked about the health benefits of incorporating a sit/stand workstation into your workday. But Winston offers so much more than health benefits for the individual - it can also help the health of your company's bottom line. Studies have shown that when workers are sedentary, their productivity is sluggish, [...]

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Coming in April: Winston Sit/Stand Workstation for Apple iMac

Now Apple iMac users can join the standing revolution - Innovative has designed a special Winston sit/stand Workstation for the Apple iMac user who wants to take advantage of the health benefits that come with standing while working without sacrificing Apple-specific programs or the user interface that works best for them. This latest version of Winston [...]

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