Innovative is an award winning market leader of monitor, laptop, and tablet mounts. We are committed to creating reliable products through insightful design, responsive manufacturing, and superior product performance, providing the best in space savings, flexibility, and ergonomic benefit.


Monitor Mounts

Regardless of application, our monitor mounts offer ergonomics, flexibility, and space savings for the professional user.
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Multi-Monitor Mounts

Easily mount two, three or more monitors for enhanced productivity and desk space savings.
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Laptop and Monitor Mount

Laptop + Tablet Mounts

Easy-to-use ergonomic solutions for the on-the-go workforce.
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Sit-Stand Workstations

Improve wellness and productivity in all work environments by incorporating standing into the day.
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POS Mounts + Tablet Enclosures

Choose from many iPad and tablet enclosures, providing security and reliability for your application.
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Keyboard Trays + Arms

Eliminate repetitive stress injuries with a flexible, ergonomic keyboard arm.
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Mounts + Accessories

Make the most of your monitor mount with our helpful accessory add-ons.
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